Helpful Little Things That Can Help Us Grow


There are some exciting plans for improvements and growth in the works for the Aurora Yoga Center. We are expanding wellness opportunities for the community by adding more treatment rooms to the building. These rooms will be used for massage, acupuncture, and esthetician work. We are hoping to expand the space of the yoga studio and eventually add a new wood floor. Please help us get the word out to more students so that we can get these projects running and make some cosmetic updates to the space as well.

Image(bring a friend to class)

Here’s how you can help:

– Follow and share our blog posts.  (Follow our blog by clicking on the grey rectangle that says ‘+Follow’ at the bottom right of your screen)

– Share the AYC’s Facebook posts on your Facebook page or wall. Not everyone sees the posts in one place, it helps for the posts to be spread around Facebook.  If you haven’t already, please like AYC’s Facebook Page.

– Bring a friend or two with you to class. Word of mouth and personal recommendations are the absolute best way to grow our business.

– Use your smart phone to ‘check in’ when you are at the yoga studio, the more the name Aurora Yoga Center pops up on Facebook and other social media tools the better.

Image(we depend on one another for the success of the yoga center)

These small things will help us get these opportunities off the ground and running for the community. We are excited about the changes and growth coming to the Aurora Yoga Center.

Thank you for all your help and support!

Peace & Love, Jeff & Lisa


AYC’s Featured Student March 2014: Sandy Andry

It will be three years this July, that Sandy Andry has been coming to early morning yoga classes at the Aurora Yoga Center.   Sandy has a busy life, works full time, however values exercise and makes time for it.   The 6:30a.m. yoga class works well for her schedule.

Image(Sandy’s triangle pose)

 Image(Sandy in downward facing dog pose at 6:30a.m. class)

What brought her to yoga was a back pain which started after a zip-lining experience on vacation.  The airplane ride home further aggravated her sore back, so she tried a chiropractor but, didn’t find relief.  She mentioned her back pain at a work meeting and heard great things about yoga from John McEnroe.   John & Sandy work together at the Remax office next door to the Aurora Yoga Center.

Image(partner work)

Image(partner work)

Sandy gave yoga a try and it really helped her back.   She has stuck with yoga because she finds the benefits extend beyond the class.  Sandy shares, “Jeff gives helpful suggestions to do outside of class, for example: positions to make riding on an airplane more comfortable, exercises to practice while standing in line, tips for better sleep and digestion, things to do if you are stressed, ideas for balancing mood, etc.”

Yoga also helps Sandy in her other exercise routines – she walks and lifts weights, yoga has really made a positive difference in these areas as well.

 Image(Sandy in handstand)

Image(Sandy in handstand)

“I’ve been coming to yoga class for three years and have never felt like a class has been repeated, it makes me look forward to coming to class because I don’t want to miss anything, “ says Sandy.   She continues,  “In our class, everyone is very friendly and welcoming, it’s not intimidating, because it’s not cliquey, I’ve always felt welcome and a part of the community.”


Please join us and Sandy Andry at the Aurora Yoga Center soon!

There are over 20 classes per week, find one that works for your busy life!

Peace and Love, Jeff & Lisa


Good News – March 2014 – AYC

There is a lot happening at the Aurora Yoga Center this month.

Image(AYC Yoga class – practicing Warrior II pose)

First of all – a new six week session begins on Monday, March 10th.   If you have been hesitant to start yoga, we wish you would go for it and join us!  We even have answers for all of your excuses……

“I’m too busy”    There are 24 weekly classes. 

“I’m too old”       Yoga works from birth to death.

“I’m too stiff”       That’s why you do yoga.

“I have no money”  Ask about the Sun Shine Fund.

“My back hurts”   Learn how Yoga helps manage back pain.

“I’m too fat”         Size does not matter, your body fits perfectly with itself.

“I have no Yoga clothes”  A T-shirt and comfy pants is all you need.   

“I don’t have a Yoga mat”  The AYC is fully stocked with everything you will need for class.

“I’m embarrassed”    The teaching staff and the student base at the AYC are very supportive, we all know what it’s like to be new at this art.

You just need to show up to a class, no need to pre-register or pay ahead of time.   All are welcome to join at any time during the session.


The Aurora Yoga Center has donated to St. Baldrick’s Foundation and hope you do too!   One of our students, Claire Schiltz is participating in the upcoming St. Baldrick’s event on March 16th from 12:00pm-5:00pm at Ballydoyle – The Irish Pub & Restaurant – 28 W. New York Street, Aurora, IL. 

Image (Claire Schiltz)

Claire’s grandson is a leukemia survivor, so the cause of St. Baldrick’s Foundation is dear to her heart: “… a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy, lives.”  Claire’s team is looking for supporters before their heads are shaved next Saturday – to donate follow this link: Shaving For the Kids.

Image(Yoga blocks etched by 52 lasers)   

Another yoga student, Jennifer Putzier and her husband, Ryan, do really amazing things with laser cutting & etching wood.   They did a project with Yoga Bones and made awesome etched yoga blocks as a feature for their blog – in which they do a new laser project each week using an industrial laser engraving and cutting platform.  


 Image(Jeff in half moon pose)

Jeff is finally making yoga videos!   Jeff was asked by Eat Smart Workout Hard to demonstrate some yoga positions for their series of workout videos.   Here’s a sneak peak of Jeff’s videos



Lisa’s Corner:  My yoga practice is going well at 13 weeks pregnant.   I am discovering some weak areas like my left leg and my lungs which need more toning.  We are excited to now have  a Prenatal class at the AYC.   This class is not only for pregnant women, but also their partners or other supportive people in their lives.   Women who have recently given birth are also encouraged to join this class and bring their infants along, as long as the babies can’t crawl away while we are practicing!    Prenatal/Postnatal class is taught by Jeff Manning who has been through lots of training in this area…. Doula classes in San Francisco, assisted Lisa 3 times in childbirth and helped many couples with helpful techniques to get through labor and delivery more comfortably and connected as a couple.  Join us on Tuesday mornings for Prenatal/Postnatal yoga class – 9:30-10:30am.

 Image(Teacher Training students working with Jeff)

Free Yoga Class – AYC’s Teacher Training class needs to practice teaching.   Please come to this free class for all levels of students, Thursday, March 13th, 12:30-2:00pm.  Please RSVP to this event or call 630-730-1029, so that we have an idea of how many people to expect.  No need to bring anything, just wear comfortable clothing.


Next Gong Meditation, Friday, March 14th – 6:30-7:30pm.   Please RSVP to the event page or call 630-730-1029 to reserve your space.

Things are hopping at the AYC, maybe it’s the new energy of Spring coming our way!   We hope to see you soon, 

Peace & Love, Jeff & Lisa