Stand on One Foot

boiling water to steam

Jeff standing on one foot throwing boiling water into the air on a subzero day of January 2014.

It’s that slippery time of year, when each time we leave the house we risk slipping on the ice and having a fall.   We may not have as much snow or the subzero temps like last year, however it’s still icy out there!

One thing you can do everyday to help your balance is simply stand on one foot.   You can stand on one foot at a time while brushing your teeth each morning to make it a part of your routine.  Consistently working on your balance is going to help you tremendously as you navigate the slick sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways.

balance grid

Working on balance at home – big and small balances.

A great one to start with is Vrksasana or Tree Pose.  Standing on one leg and placing the opposite foot along the inner ankle, calf, or thigh of the standing leg.

class grid

Working on strength and flexibility in Yoga class – Yoga for all.

Work at home or in class on strength, flexibility, and balance.  Join us anytime at the Aurora Yoga Center.   There are many classes for all levels of students each week.

tummy time

Tummy Time at the AYC.


Don’t Fall!

See you at the studio and stay standing!

Peace & Love, Lisa & Jeff


AYC’s Featured Student January 2014: Bob Reynolds

Our first yoga student interview! – What a kind and great man, Bob Reynolds, a student at the Aurora Yoga Center who is a real person and regular guy…. not an overly bendy, 20 year old.  

Here is our interview with Bob, Enjoy,

Peace & Love, Lisa & Jeff


Bob Reynolds has been a student of Jeff Manning’s at the Aurora Yoga Center for over four years.   He began taking yoga at the AYC after it was recommended by his doctor, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jamil Jacobs-El of Dryer Medical Group in Aurora. 

Bob was experiencing pain in his hips, lower back, & knees.   His hips were his main concern and Dr. Jacobs-El recommended that Bob try working with Jeff at the AYC before doing any injections into his hips or less desirable yet, hip replacement surgery.

Coming to yoga has really helped to open up Bob’s hips, knees, hamstrings, & lower back.  Bob says, “The thing I think of is every time I leave here, I feel more comfortable, more open, less tight.   The relaxation is nice too.”

He describes how the four years of coming to yoga class has also made a difference in his posture, especially at work.  Bob remembers Jeff’s cues throughout the day and makes adjustments where necessary to his posture both standing and sitting.

 Image (Bob’s Triangle pose)

Bob describes feeling comfortable coming to yoga class:  “Jeff is patient with everyone’s different level or ability.  Jeff is able to adapt to me, what I can’t do that younger or more open people can.  That is what I really respect about him.”  

Bob Reynolds is a 59 year old accountant who also works part time as a sports writer for the Beacon News.  He has been involved in Aurora Boys Baseball’s Little League program for many years.  Bob is one of many, ‘regular’ yet, extraordinary people who practice at the AYC.

 Image (Bob’s Downward Facing Dog pose)

“There’s no measuring up here.  Just be yourself and do what you can at your own level.” – Bob Reynolds

Image(props make poses more accessible)